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The Roadmap for Reassurance

Some business travellers and road warriors are born to travel! A new day, a new journey, a new destination quite literally fuels their minds, ignites creativity and drives ambition. The thrill of the airport or the train station. The pit stop at a favourite service station. And when a business has concluded for the day, checking into the hotel for an overnight stay; it’s all part of the working day for the country’s road warriors and business travellers. Of course, there’s a flip side to business travel too. The road can be a lonely place. Maintaining a healthy diet and

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Hotels in lockdown

With the Government imposing new lockdown restrictions across England from this Thursday 5 November, it’s good to know we are still here to help with your hotel bookings. The new rules will see bars, restaurants and other indoor and outdoor leisure facilities close until 2 December but as yet, there has been no announcement to say that hotels must close. We are in touch with our partners at international and national hotel chains as well as independent accommodation providers and they are all busy making plans for the next month. Some hotels will be closing as its not cost-effective to

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